Immersive Virtual Conference

Sequence 2

Create Presentations

Import your CAD files and create presentations: setup interactivity, visualization layers, schematic animations, manequins, hotspots, popups and videos, then organize everything in a streamlined timeline tool to create the most appealing virtual tours or effective tutorials.
Sequence 1

Remote Collaboration 

XRProj’s multi-user capability allows remote team members to instantaneously connect with each other - even at continental distances - and with the communication efficiency and ergonomics advantages of a local live meeting.
Sequence 3

Design Review

Fast and efficient Design Review with an immersive environment. XRProj revolutionizes ergonomics as it allows users to visualize and understand the structures and its surroundings as we do in real life.


Ease of Use

XRProj is an easy to use technology that can be operated by all stakeholders of a project, from investors and project managers to engineers and designers.

Cost Effective

XRProj’s immersive environment is not embedded in any expensive and complex CAD software, delivering all the virtual reality ecosystem at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.


XRProj’s multi-user capability allows remote team members to instantaneously connect with each other, even when separated by continental distances.


The immersive nature of XRProj revolutionizes ergonomics as it allows users to visualize and understand the structures and its surroundings as we do in real life.

User Autonomy

Through automation algorithms and easy to use tools, the system empowers average users to autonomously create immersive presentations, tutorials and conferences.


With XRProj's immersive media, users can present technical information and deliver tutorials that are easy to understand and easy to be created.


Unlimited CAD Conversion

No monthly limits or conversion fee - import as many CAD projects as you need, with unprecedented speed and quality.

One Click to VR

XRProj provides an automated CAD to VR conversion and optimization process, just import your model and click go to VR to experience all advantages of an immersive visualization.
custom tools

Custom Tools

Need a special tool for your project? Our skilled team is ready to develop customized features for your company.

Efficient Remote Development

No more time consuming and expensive business travels, our system brings all the efficiency of a local meeting to your remote project development.

Hardware Installation

Prepare your company for the next computing platform - our tem offers hardware installation and consulting services for building cost effective VR infrastructures and virtual reality labs.

Multi-platform Output

Create presentations and tutorials once and visualize in multiple platforms: Virtual Reality, Desktop Monitors or Big Screens (support for smartphones and tablets is under development - stay tuned!). 


Desktop Module

Import CAD models and media to create immersive presentations or virtual manuals.

VR Module

Show your presentations and review design in the virtual reality environment.

Touch Module

Visualize the created presentations and virtual manuals on your mobile device.


Import CAD

Import CAD files (.stp). to display in real-time: XR and Mobile.

Import Media

Import media files - videos, images, audio and 360 panoramas.


Simulate machinery movements with the animation system.


Organize and trigger animations and media with a timeline system.

Visibility Layers

Organize complex structures in visualization layers.

Deploy Project

Deploy the created content to multiple platforms: VR & Mobile.


Multiuser & VOIP

Share your virtual environment with other tem members.


Interact with the CAD models, move them around and plan layouts.


Visualize animations created on the desktop platform.


Watch videos and slides inside the immersive environment.

Laser Pointer

Utilize the lazer-pointer to select and move objects around.

3D Pen

Create notes: write directly on the tridimensional structures.

Cut Plane

Utilize the cut-plane tool to help visualize complex structures.

X-Ray View

Utilize the X-Ray tool to visualize interior structures.

White Board

White board to create notes, draw and visualize media.


Guide your presentations and virtual tours with predefined hotspots.


Design Review and Ergonomics Analysis with virtual manequins.


Spatially organize information with popups.


Tablets & Phones

Visualize the created virtual manual on site with your mobile device.

AR Visualization

Visualize structures and animations on site with the AR module.

What They Say

FormulaXR ​​is a startup committed to quality. Our demands have been promptly attended with great professionalism and dedication. XRProj has benn an invaluable tool for our latest projects.
Joselito Henriques - AKAER
The immersive visualization of aeronautical structures in a collaborative environment was essential for an efficient design review - saving time, resources while increasing accuracy.
Francilio Graciano - TROYA
The startup has overcome all technical challenges, delivering a robust communication system for the next computing platform - exceeding all expectations.
Paulo Quirino - SAMSUNG
Planing industrial layouts in virtual reality with our remote clientes was a mesmerizing experience. XRproj redefines distance - definitively a disruptive workflow.
Renan Padovani - AUTAZA

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