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Animation Tools

There are many tools available in XRProj timeline system that can be used to create and edit animations form of tracks.

Tracks can be created in the track panel in Create > Track or by right-clicking in the track panel then CREATE > TRACK. Some tracks require a Target Object to function.

All available tracks are listed below:

-Transform: animate target object's movement, rotation and scale in the 3D space using the keyframe system;

-Layer: activates/deactivate target layer's visibility states;

-Color: used to animate color variations on the target object's material;

-UV: animates the target object's texture by moving it in the U and V axis;

-Spin: animates target object's rotation, defining its rotation speed and rotation axis. It also allows for direction arrows to be exhibited indicating rotation direction;

-Visibility: turn objects visibility on/off;

-Highlight: creates a highlight effect that can have its frequency defined in the inspector;

-Hotspot: transport users to different places using pre-defined Hotspots distributed in the 3d space;

-Camera: add cameras that guide the user's visualization and the transition between different viewpoints;;

-Popup: create, position and activate Popups. Their content can be in form of text, images or videos which can be displayed in the 3D space or in screen space;

-Audio: activate audio media and define their starting time and duration;

-External animation: activate animations created outside XRProj.