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Good Export Practices

Model Scale

  • Make sure the model has the same size as the real-world object to avoid problems related to VR visualisation and pay attention to the measurement unit being used (mm, cm, m, km);

  • Check if the model scale is unchanged.

Pivot Point Adjustments

  • Properly align the position and orientation of the object's pivot point, making sure that the Y axis position points up, similar to the world orientation in the XRProj system;

  • For mobile objects, keep the pivot oriented and positioned on the axis of movement.

Hierarchy and Nomenclature

  • Keep the hierarchy organized according to the project needs with a practical naming system for your models.

Export Configurations

  • To work with the MATCAP standard on the XRProj, separate the model's geometries according to shared colors and materials to enable control and editing;

  • When exporting a pre-configured PBR material, keep the embed media option activated in the software exporter being used;

  • If the model is animated, make sure to separate and export the animation into clips.

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