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Import & Setup Models

The following steps describe the step-by-step import and initial setup of the model.

Model Import

  • Click import button in the model tab;

  • On the import window, select the models to be imported among the options: “.stp”, “.fbx” and “.glb”;

  • After the import is complete, drag the model into the viewport to add the model into an existing project or create a new project using the model as base;

  • Drag new models into the viewport to add extra models to the open project.

Model configuration

  • Adjust the object position through the “Axis Transform” window;

  • Select the proper scale unit according to the model;

  • Adjust the model scale multiplier if necessary;

  • Check the PBR box if the model uses color and texture maps;

  • Adjust the model color space ( according to the model original configuration or choose your preferred option;

  • With the object selected, click “Drop to Ground” align the object to the GRID vertically;

  • Select “Define Ground” for bigger precision or if the object is rotated. The plan defined by choosing three points will align to the GRID.

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