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Setup Scene

Follow the steps below for basic scene setup:

Hotspot Configuration

  • Select the Hotspot on the scene;

  • Configure the Hotspot on the Inspector choosing between the options Feet (align it to the user’s feet) and Head (align it to the user’s point of view);

  • Zero Hotspot position using the Zero button on the Inspector under Axis transform. By doing this, the Hotspot position will be aligned to the grid center;

  • Change Hotspot position using the Transformation Tools Move (W) and Rotate (E);

  • With the Hotspot in place, adjust focus distance manually using Focus Distance or automatically with the Find Focus button in the Inspector. Focus distance is used as a reference for the camera orbit;

Changing Home Hotspot

  • To create a new Hotspot, Select Tools in the creation window.

  • Drag and drop the Hotspot tool into the viewport and configure it;

  • To set the new Hotspot as Home, select the project in the Hierarchy and in the inspector pick the new Hotspot in the Home field;

Changing the Skybox

  • Select the project in the Hierarchy;

  • Choose the Skybox mode in the Inspector. The options are Day, Night, Color and Image.

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