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Working in Viewport

Check out the table below for tips on viewport navigation and features:

Icon Name Shortcut Description
Image title Pan Tool Alt+MMB Camera pan
Image title Rotate Camera RMB Rotate camera around current user position
Image title Rotate Scene Alt+LMB Rotate camera around world center
Image title Zoom Alt+RMB ou Scroll Wheel Zoom camera in or out
Image title Gizmo - Transform camera using X, Y and Z axis
Image title Focus F Focus selected object
Image title Surface Focus Alt+Double Click Focus camera on surface selected
Image title CheckBox Ortho - Activate isometric camera view
Image title Camera navigation RMB + W/S/A/D Navigate through scene with the camera POV
Image title Camera Up/Down RMB + Q/E Move camera up or down

Transform Tools

Icon Name Shortcut Description
Image title Select Q Enable object selection tool
Image title Move W Enable object transform tool
Image title Rotate E Enable object rotation tool
Image title Scale R Enable object scaling tool
Image title Object manipulation space - Local: edit object using its original orientation Global: edit objects using the world orientation

Exhibition Tools

Icon Name Shortcut Description
Image title Hide - Hide selected objects
Image title Isolate - Isolate selected objects (hide everything except the selected object)
Image title Show All - Show all the objects on the scene
Image title Safe Frame Preview - Visualize the whole scene, including parts obstructed by the lateral menu
Image title Full-Screen - Visualize the project in full screen mode. Useful to visualize the scene as a whole as it is shown in Visualize mode
Image title Drop Object Shift+D Align the object vertically with the closest surface, be it another object or the grid
Image title Captura de tela - Take a screenshot of the scene as seen in the viewport and set it as the project thumbnail