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Working in Viewport

Check out the table below for tips on viewport navigation and features:

Icon Name Shortcut Description
Image title Pan Tool Alt+MMB Camera pan
N/A Rotate Camera RMB Rotate camera around current user position
Image title Rotate Scene Alt+LMB Rotate camera around world center
Image title Zoom Alt+RMB ou Scroll Wheel Zoom camera in or out
Image title Gizmo (none) Transform camera using X, Y and Z axis
N/A Focus F Focus selected object
N/A Surface Focus Alt+Double Click Focus camera on surface selected
Image title CheckBox Ortho (none) Activate isometric camera view
N/A Camera navigation RMB + W/S/A/D Navigate through scene with the camera POV
N/A Camera Up/Down RMB + Q/E Move camera up or down

Transform Tools

Icon Name Shortcut Description
Image title Select Q Enable object selection tool
Image title Move W Enable object transform tool
Image title Rotate E Enable object rotation tool
Image title Scale R Enable object scaling tool
N/A Object manipulation space (none) Local: edit object using its original orientation Global: edit objects using the world orientation

Exhibition Tools

Icon Name Shortcut Description
Image title Hide (none) Hide selected objects
Image title Isolate (none) Isolate selected objects (hide everything except the selected object)
Image title Show All (none) Show all the objects on the scene
Image title Safe Frame Preview (none) Visualize the whole scene, including parts obstructed by the lateral menu
Image title Full-Screen (none) Visualize the project in full screen mode. Useful to visualize the scene as a whole as it is shown in Visualize mode
Image title Drop Object Shift+D Align the object vertically with the closest surface, be it another object or the grid
N/A Captura de tela (none) Take a screenshot of the scene as seen in the viewport and set it as the project thumbnail
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