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In the Create Window, select the Tools menu in the Library tab. On this menu, there are tools that will help in the creation and composition of the project.

Common aspects of tools

  • Conception: use the tools by select them and drag into the viewport;

  • Positioning: use the transformation tools to properly position the tool selected;

  • Editing: all available properties and configurations are available in the Inspector.

List of available Tools


An editable plane used to add images and texture animations;

  • Edit polygon: click Edit in the Inspector;

  • Add editing points: click on a polygon edge to add a new point;

  • Delete editing points: select a point and click delete;

  • Move editing points: select a point and move it through the axes;

  • Select multiple points: hold Shift and click on the points you want selected;

  • Change polygon pivot: click Center Pivot button in the Inspector.


Tool used to set pre-defined locations that enable quick repositioning of users;

  • Change Hotspot Mode: in the Inspector, on Mode, select between Head (align Hotspot to the user point of view) and Feet (align Hotspot to the user feet);

  • Copy Camera Position: click Copy Camera in the Inspector;

  • Go to Hotspot view point: click Go in the Inspector;

  • Set focus automatically: click Find Focus in the Inspector;

  • Set focus manually: change Focus Distance in the inspector.


Articulated model for humanoid simulation. Recommended for ergonomy studies and real-life scale reference;

  • Manipulate Dummy: select a controller and position it using the Transformation Tools.


Image for identification and reference for superimposing virtual objects on real objects in augmented reality mode (AR);

  • Set identification model: click on QRCode Lib Object and select the desired identification.


Interactive 3d area that allow the activation of animations and procedures’ steps. Configured on a Step Inspector or through the TriggerAnimation component.

Media Plane

Plane made for media visualization in the project such as images and videos.;

  • Set media type: click on Type in the Inspector;

  • Set target media: select a media file in Video or Image.

Primitive Shape

Tool used to add primitive 3d object into the scene;

  • Set model: select the model on Type in the Inspector.

Animation Player

Resource used to set animations in the background of projects background animation);

  • Keep animation active: check Is active in the Inspector. Can also be activated and deactivated using a Visibility track;

  • Select target animation: click Clip and choose an animation in the search list;

  • Loop animation: check Loop in the Inspector.

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